E*Trade "Fun With Finance"

Art Directed, designed, animated and comped nine 15 second character spots for E*Trade. Each spot highlighted a specific financial term to start helping people grasp a wider vocabulary of terms commonoly used to talk about the stock market. To make the definitions come as clearly as possible, we used cute cel animated animals (some in suits) to help teach the definitions. This spot was challenging in how it had a reletively short turn around (9 spots in a month) and I'm happy to say this was my first commercial ever designing charactors which I can say I truly enjoy.

Featured on Creativity http://creativity-online.com/work/etrade-dead-cat-bounce/41918

& Ads of the World https://adsoftheworld.com/media/online/etrade_fun_with_finance_herd_behavior

See below for some of the character design and boards, along with a few of my favorite spots out of the 9. 

Add'l Design by Ken Lee, cel animation by Jahmad Rollins, AE animation/comp by Wilson Wu. 

Date: December 2015 Client: E*Trade Role: Art Director/Designer Tags: animation, artdirection, celanimation, design